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White Jade represents calmness, purity, and knowledge obtained in peace. It improves nurturing and affection. White jade is a stone of protection that creates peace and keeps the wearer safe. White jade is a magnet for friendship and luck. It supports independence and stabilizes the personality. It helps the mind to relax and let go of unpleasant thoughts. Ideas are stimulated. Jade is a "dream stone" that induces insightful dreams. It helps discharge emotions, especially irritability. Jade exhorts you to embody your true self. The body's filtration and elimination systems benefit from white jade. It works wonders on the adrenal glands and kidney issues. Jade cleanses the body of impurities, repairs cellular and skeletal structures, and heals wounds. It aids in conception and child birth. Fluid equilibrium is achieved through white jade.

"White Jade" Bioscaler Enhanced Medallion

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