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Blind Eye Healed

Look closely at the differences in my husbands eyes.

He has been blind in one eye for more than 30 years. His cornea was cut by a beer bottle in a bar fight. I’ve been with him in eye exams when he consulted a surgeon about a cornea transplant and was advised against it.

I will be sharing more on this in the future, but due to his exposure to our Louisville, 24 Unit EE system at, he now has vision in that eye!

This is the third blind eye that we have seen healed here at Stonehill Retreat in the three weeks we have been open

Additionally, as a pro athlete, for more than 30 years, he has broken his back, his ribs and injured many other parts of his body. He’s been in tremendous pain for decades, and sometimes has been very hard to get along with because of it and had developed a general negative outlook on life.

Since we opened our center, which is in our home, he says the pain in his body is almost completely gone! He has more energy. And his outlook on life has transformed. And he has gone back to being the kind, loving, thoughtful man that I fell in love with!

He had no idea what an EE system does. He had zero belief and zero expectation. So to say that this is far beyond his wildest dreams is more than true. Now he’s a huge advocate, telling everyone that will listen.

More Testimonials from our center

Greg says that since his two hour visit, he has been taking less pain meds and has more energy.

Bill says that 5 hours after leaving our center from his 49 hour visit, his shoulder that required surgery is completely healed!

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