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Now you can enjoy all of the great features of the M.A.X. but with an undercounter ionizer that doesn't clutter your counter. In fact, all you will see above the sink is a beautifully designed stainless steel faucet head and a touch sensitive computerized Smartphone panel.


The new Chanson Miracle M.A.X.™ Royale was developed to be used in hospitals but is suitable for home use. You'll love the:


  • Sleek and beautifully designed stainless steel faucet head and easy to use
  • Smartphone-like display panel that allows you to make all of your selections at the faucet with a gentle touch of the screen *7 medical grade non-leaching Titanium plates featuring Nano Fritting Technology
  • Mineral salt port to enhance strength of acid water (great for those with soft water)
  • Same great limited lifetime warranty as the original M.A.X.


Transform ordinary tap water into fresh, ionized alkaline water for drinking, strong alkaline water for degreasing, and low pH acidic water for a non-toxic cleaning and disinfecting, and beauty purposes.

Water made at 2.7 pH has been third party lab verified to disinfect staph and e.coli on contact, and the Royale can make this pH with any water source, something not many ionizers can do!


We highly recommend the addition of an Inline Remineralizer Cartridge for customers who live in soft water areas because alkaline minerals are a necessary part of the ionization process.

Chanson Miracle M.A.X.™ Royale Undercounter Ionizer (7-plate)

SKU: 008
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