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About Stonehill Retreat

Where We Recharge- Relax- Rejuvenate

Natural Health and Relaxation

We offer PowerNap  “EE” Energy Enhancement services in our zero gravity, reclining chairs and loungers in our 24 unit EE Center. Some people think of it as a medbed.

Two, Four, Six and Nine hour sessions available.

Other services are available with your EE PowerNap session.

2 hour sessions 9:30 am to 11:30 pm

6 hour session 12:00 pm to 6 pm

4 hour session 6 pm to 10 pm

9 hour session 10 pm to 7 am

Monday though Sunday

We invite you to join us, in the Urban Oasis of our Private Home in the hills of Historic Louisville Kentucky, to enjoy our exclusive Energy Enhancement Spa treatments that some refer to as med-beds, and benefit from this cutting edge technology.


           Our services are offered exclusively, to Stonehill Retreat      Association Members, but MEMBERSHIP is FREE! 

              You will feel like you have had a warm hug when you visit our home on the South side of Louisville.

Pray, Meditate, Snack, Sleep, Heal.



Only 20 minutes from SDB Muhammad Ali Airport and 30 minutes from the beautiful Ohio River.



Silly as it sounds we like to think that we bribe you to enjoy your visit with puppies and ice cream. See some of our flavors here.

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-Recharge - Relax - Rejuvenate -

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Why Energy

Why Energy Enhancement - Testimonials

I hurt my shoulder about 2 years ago and have been going to Chiropractor for 2 years but still had pain. I couldn't lift my arm passed my elbow without severe pain. After two hours in the EES energy room pain is gone and I can lift my arm straight up over my head. Blood pressure as always been high since high school and have been on Lisinopril. My pressure is 150/90 which is the best it could be, as I am 77 years old and no medication now. I got sever case of shingles about two years ago and have it in neck, stinging and intense sharp pain every day. Now it is gone most of the time. Vision cloudy in right eye and now my eye is clear.

Anthony Dructor

Jan 4, 2023

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Dr. Sandra Rose Michaels, inventor of the EE system highly recommend drinking a lot of water after an EE energy enhancement session. As well as a Sea Salt Bath for detoxing.


Water is important for everyone, every day. 


Most sicknesses and diseases are rooted in inflammation but can be reversed. 


Our ionizers produce alkaline ionized water with a negative ORP which stands for oxidation reduction potential. It acts as an antioxidant and helps to alkalize your body. A smaller water molecule cluster is created so that your water is able to penetrate your cells better and pull out more toxins. Our water is literally wetter. Many people see wonderful results by drinking it.


We serve it all during our sessions so that people may have a greater result in their detox experience. You may also arrange to take a gallon home with you or if you prefer a more long term result, one of our ionizers.

And we offer Dr Michael's recommended blend of Salts for you to purchase and take home to soak in a tub after your service.


Protocols With EE Treatment