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-Activated Carbon w/ Silver
Adresses Odor, Chlorine,
Bleaches, Pesticides,
Chemical remains, Germs & Bacteria.

-Food Grade Calcium Sulfite
Using chemical reaction to
address out up to 99% of the Chlorine.

Addresses Chlorine, Lead,
Heavy metals and Free Radicals.

-Hollow Fiber Membrane
With hollow fiber’s fine 0.01 Micron,
It is able address Bacteria, Viral contaminants, and
Free Radicals in the water supply.

Note: Remember to manually reset the filter count of your Chanson Water Ionizer after replacing the filter.

PJ8000 Chanson Water Ionizer Replacement Filter

SKU: PJ8000
  • We have made an upgrade to our best-selling ionizer, Chanson Miracle MAX and Miracle MAX Royale sold after 2018 (please verify your purchase information if unsure or call customer service) by using the new PJ-8000. The Chanson PJ-8000 is our top-grade filter option that uses a multi-layer process to provide an improved filtration proces using Activated Carbon impregnated with silver, Food Grade Calcium Sulfite, KDF55 and Hollow Fiber Membrane. Also using the the twist lock technology makes the filter replacement process even simpler than it was before.

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