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Three Stages of Filtration

Each C3 canister is devoted to addressing a different set of harmful chemicals, heavy metals, chlorine, chloramines, and over 100 additional contaminants.


  • Stage 1: KDF/GAC
  • Stage 2:. Activated Alumina
  • Stage 3: Catalytic Carbon


Custom Removal:The Chanson C-3 Filter can be “made to order” to specifically address YOUR water issues, ask us to review your water report before purchase.


NOTE: The contaminants or other substances removed or reduced by this water treatment device are not necessarily in your water.


Advantages Over a Reverse Osmosis System

Did you know that a Reverse Osmosis (R/O) system not only completely strips your water of its healthy mineral content, but also wastes approximately five gallons of water to every one gallon you drink? The C3 Pre-Filter uses a direct filtering process to produce healthy drinking water that still contains healthy mineral content, without all the water waste.



Our C3 Pre-Filters last approximately a whole year! There is not a water filter on the market that can compete with our C3 triple-filtration system.


Can Be Used Alone or in Conjunction With A Water Ionizer

The Chanson C3 Pre-Filter can be used on its own or in conjunction with a water ionizer, because unlike R/O systems, it allows valuable minerals through for the ionizer to ionize, and for your body to absorb. No need for a storage tank due to the "on demand" water supply and great flow rate.

The C3 Pre-Filtration unit comes with two different filter sets, one for city water and one for well water.


One of three install setups can be selected upon checkout:

- C3 Standard (for use without a water ionizer or for use with an under counter ionizer such as the VS-70 or Angel)

- C3-MUC (for use with all brands of countertop water ionizer with the filter installed undersink)

- C3-C (for use with all brands of countertop ionizer with the filter installed on the counter) If you are using a well-water source, you will want to add on a single stage Ultra Filter for added filtration.

Chanson C3 Pre-Filtration System

SKU: 003
  • The Chanson Water C3 Pre-Filter removes harmful contaminants such as chloramines, lead, arsenic, sulfur, pesticides and nitrates that can cause sickness and health problems over years of ingestion. The C3 Pre-Filter is designed to effectively reduce harmful contaminants without removing healthy minerals and other important properties from the water.

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