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Are there any Bad Side Effects from EE exposure? 

A. Nope, not one contraindication. Zero. Nada, Zip.

Q. Do you have any medical studies ion the EE System?

A. Pages of them. Click here to dig in and read them on their site.

Q. How many sessions do I need?

A. We are not doctors and can not prescribe sessions.

Everyone's body responds differently. Some people do very well with a couple of 2-4 hour sessions, others need more. Some people enjoy coming once or twice a month for a tune up.

Special Things to Know

You may want to bring your own blanket incase you get chilly.



Ask about our Friday night date night sessions with a one hour video dance class.

Saturdays we plan to offer two hour sessions for the kiddos,

Bring your children with ADHD, Autism or any other issue. We will provide Free coloring books and crayons as we;; as games, musical instruments to stimulate.and entertain .

For $20 older children can choose a supporting and encouraging word and make a necklace or bracelet to remind them of their goals.


And if your child would benefit and we have any available we may allow them to cuddle with one of our therapy dogs. While all of our dogs are friendly, puppies might nip or scratch when startled so spending time with them is at your own risk and with your supervision of your child.

Special Days and Services

What to Expect When you Visit 

We do not publish our address. Our of respect for your neighbors and to alleviate parking on our neighborhood streets, we have partnered with a local church just about a mile away and we ask you to arrive 15-30 minutes before your session and we will meet everyone in the church parking lot and drive you to our home for your service and drive you back to your car after. Should you be late and miss the shuttle, we ask you to park your car in the lot and have an uber drop you off for your session and we will drive you back at the end of your session. You will be emailed all addresses with your appointment confirmation. Our number is 1 502 287-1633 if you need to let us know that you are running late or need the address for drop off.

Our home is on the South Side of Louisville if you are booking a hotel for your visit. There are several mid-priced hotels on Dixy Highway.


We do have several short steps in the home leading to the various rooms.


Q. Do you have wheelchair access?

A. No unfortunately we do not. The best that we can offer is to let our wheel chair guests enjoy a 2 hour session from the landing above which would not have restroom access. We tried putting in a ramp inside the home but have been unable to make it fit at this time.

Overnight Sessions

Our 9 hour sessions are attended by staff at the beginning and end of the sessions, the rest of the session you are completely left to relax. They begin at 10 pm and you will leave at 7 am.


Some form of lighting is left on in the evening sessions so that you can safely find your way to the restroom. If you need an attendant to help you to the restroom in the night, you will need to bring an extra person with you.

You will be gently awakened from your relaxation about 45 minutes before the end of your session and we will have coffee available should you need it to feel truly alive and get your motor running.

Should you need to go outside for a smoke or other reason you are welcome to enjoy the front patio. Please dispose of any cigarettes in an appropriate container (never the toilet or ground) and please wash your hands after smoking as we are allergic to cigarette smoke.

Please lock the front door when returning inside if you are here during our night sessions.

More of What to Expect


Pets also benefit from EE PowerNaps. We offer pet services under the following prices and conditions. If you are also getting service, you may bring your pet for an additional $40 per hour. All cats must be in and remain in a carrier for the entirety of the visit. Dogs must be on a short non-retractable leash or in a carrier and controlled by their owner at all times. It will be placed in our kenel after your arrival. Owner agrees to be fully responsible for any actions taken by their pet. 
Proof of current vaccinations is required. And MUST be submitted in advance.
Cats must have Rabies and FVRCP.
Dogs must have Rabies, (DAP)Distemper/parvo, canine influenza (flu) and Kennel Cough (Bordetella). Dogs must not be barkers or biters.

We do have small therapy dogs on the premises so if you have a pet allergy or aversion we may not be the right EE Center for you.

We are not responsible for any lack of service due to power outages in the area. We will refund your session time but cannot be responsible for any travel related fees.


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